Sea Turtle Conservation Curacao

Protecting Sea Turtles and their Habitat through Research, Conservation & Education

We’re an NGO (a non-profit organization) dedicated to the conservation, research, education, and awareness related to sea turtles and their habitat in Curaçao. We work together with volunteers and other dedicated people, who support us with their help, experience and donations. Our common mission is to protect sea turtles and their environment.

Join us for monitoring & clean-ups!


Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning we do beach monitoring. We check for any nesting activity, do health inspections, remove dangerous trash from the beaches, etc. We usually monitor several beaches around the island, including Klein Curacao.


In addition to monitoring, a few times per month we organize bigger clean-ups. This is made to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean and can harm sea turtles and other animals.

Would you like to join?

If you would like to join us for monitoring or clean-ups, please send us a message to or via our Social Media channels to receive more details and confirm your participation.

Our Focus


We engage in various conservation activities. These involve reducing threats (entanglement, hooking, changes to habitat, etc), taking care of turtles, nests and hatching, monitoring behaviour, and other activities that aid their survival.

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Conservation of sea turtles

We research and monitor various aspects around the life and environment of sea turtles. We collect data, observe and track their behaviour, etc. In addition, we monitor the changes and trends, that take place in sea turtle lives.

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Research about sea turtles

At STCC we conduct many educational activities, for both children and adults, as well as tourists. Education is important in conversation, to avoid unwanted and harmful behaviour. Awareness is another way in which we educate the public.

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Education about sea turtles

Activity Reports

You can find more information on what we do and our achievements in the yearly activity reports.

Let's protect the sea turtles together

Sea Turtles face many threats to their survival. Plastic pollution, climate change, poaching and many others. Click here to find more information on the threats sea turtles face.
Are you travelling soon to Curaçao or other locations where you might encounter sea turtles? Knowing these facts might come in handy, to make sure that your encounter leaves both you and them safe and happy.


Why you shouldn’t touch Sea Turtles?
First of all, they can bite. Their bites can be very dangerous. Second, any sunscreen on your skin can damage their micro-fauna on their carapace. In addition, sea turtles are wild animals, who are not accustomed to being touched. This can stress and frighten them.

Sea Turtle Hatchling

What to do if you see hatchlings?
If you spot a hatching nest, the best you can do is not disturb the baby turtles and just make sure to keep a free path in front of them. It is important for them to crawl to the sea by themselves, so it is better not to carry them to the water. If this happens at night, make sure that you do not use any bright source of light as this might confuse them, making their way to the sea more difficult.

Tangled sea turtle

Should you help an injured sea turtle?
Without proper knowledge, you have a risk of making the injury worse. It is always better if a professional can help an injured turtle. On Curaçao, you can call us and let us know about the turtle. We will advise on what you can do and we will come to help the turtle or take it to the vet.

Sea Turtle Nest

Avoid making camp-fire at a beach.
There is a possibility that under the sand there is a sea turtle nest. If you will make a camp-fire above the nest, this will raise the temperature under the sand and the eggs with hatchlings will not survive.

Volunteer Stories

The People behind STCC

Sea Turtle Conservation Board Members

Current Board Members:
Saïtia Comenencia (general board member), Denise Vijber (Secretary), Kim Russel (general board member), Sabine Berendse (President) and Patricia Meerveld-Pos (Treasurer).

Former staff:
Ard Vreugdenhil, Hans Pleij

STCC Volunteers
STCC Volunteers


STCC is a volunteer based organisation. Dedicated volunteers take care of all necessary tasks and activities. We are happy to have so much support and help from so many people! Click here to see our volunteers.


Pieter de Geus, Odette Doest, Mira Timmer.

Scientific Advisors

Julia Horrocks, Paul Hoetjes, Steven Dunbar.

Interns 2019

Iris Toren, Eva Ortelee, Nicky Peijen, Amber Bembom, Isa van Mourik, Maarten Looijenga, Marnix Kuijten

STCC4Kids Team

Adinda de Ruiter, Auke van Doorn, Brit Duncan, Keano Lindsen, Kiki van der Veen, Rosa Bak, Mike Horsten, Renato Hoogendijk, Raydion Guanipa, Fynn Duncan

Our Partners