On Curacao, there is an unprecedented sargassum crisis that is heavily affecting our endangered sea turtles. Turtles are getting stranded and overheat as they struggle to reach the surface and breathe. So far, we have made 28 rescues and 8 are at the vet requiring urgent medical attention for tumours, carapace damage, belly wounds and general exhaustion. By supporting this project, you are helping sea turtles get a second chance to be healthy again and released into the wild.

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The Challenge

We already have 8 sea turtles at the vet. Rescue teams are going to affected areas on a daily basis, which means that the number of turtles that need care might still increase. Four of the turtles that are currently at the vet suffer from fibropapilomatosis, a herpes related disease that causes tumor growth. These turtles need to be operated and this is costly. This microproject enables us to help the affected turtles and will cover the expenses of the needed operations medical care.

The solution and long-term impact

We currently do not have the means to pay for the needed operations and medical care. This means we cannot help the sea turtles the way we want and feel we need. By supporting us now with this project, you will help us give these turtles a chance, because it will enable us to pay for the operations and the medical care.

Our local action has global significance. So far 20 of the rescued turtles are in good health. This project will help to give the turtles that need medical care a chance. Each individual turtle that we can save helps the endangered sea turtle populations.