Almost 4 months ago, I happily started as a volunteer at STCC! I have already gained so many amazing experiences so far! It is a joy to check on the beaches along the South shore each Friday. The morning glory, serene sphere and nature that wakes from animal to human, is in one word fantastic! By means of several photos I have already made lots of people realize what a beautiful island Curaçao is and needs to stay!

It is sad to think that no nests have been found yet this year, because each week you hope to see something looking as such. Sometimes your mind plays little tricks even, making you think that you see one. Even a dug out pit by a child makes your heart beat faster. Or a certain print in the sand, surely must be from a turtle??

I can be on these beaches for hours and hours in the tropical heat, sometimes with a threatening storm and rain, each beach has its own charm! Next to the respect for people I got for orchestrating everything to do with the monitoring of turtles, I also started to realize how many people were actually involved. Lots of information on the sea turtles is already gathered. Next to the dedication to, for example, get sea water for sick sea turtles, we have lots of support from the veterinary Doest and Seaquarium! But most of all, there is love for the conservation of the sea turtles who would not make it if not for all these people!

Volunteers of sea turtle conservation curacao
Volunteers of Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao

Last Saturday the final 3 healed sea turtles were allowed to go back into the sea! It was so special to be a part of this! Even more special was the fact that I, along with two other volunteers, was allowed to measure and weigh these turtles. Holding them was a whole experience in itself! 

There was lots of cooperation and compassion of everyone involved, especially the care givers of Seaquarium. They had to feed them, which resulted in much love, especially for Honey. This showed off in Honey gaining 6 kilos in the last 2 months! When knowing that a sea turtle stops eating when they have stress, it makes you realize how much extra food had to be given to Honey!

It was my first time measuring a turtle, which man was a lot of work and made me a little nervous in front of everyone. I got really good instructions from Hans and the experienced volunteer. All of this made it an unforgettable day for me!

I am grateful to everyone who wants to help the conservation of these beautiful creatures, all day and night!

The transportation and setting free of these last saved sea turtles were also rather emotional: they can now embrace their freedom, get a second chance with new hope and maybe one day we will find a nest of them on Curaçao?

We set an example for the youngsters present that day and it made me realize: the immense effort everyone put into it, the amount I still have to learn, what we can learn other people who are interested by means of photos and explanations. Because there is a certain magic when you get to experience these creatures up close.

I hope that everyone gets to see the importance of this!

Volunteers of sea turtle conservation curacao
Volunteers measuring a turtle