Make The Turtle Smile 3

The 3rd version of Make the Turtle Smile campaign started on February 14, 2022. It is an awareness and motivation campaign organized by Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao and Green Phenix. The campaign will run for 3 months, from February 14, 2022 to May 14, 2022. The intention is to involve the inhabitants of the island Curaçao more in the prevention and reduction of pollution.

The first 2 campaigns mainly focused on education and the collection of recyclable plastic and aluminum cans. During these 2 editions, 60.000 bottles and cans of waste were collected. This year, the goal is to collect 40.000 bottles/cans in the 3-month campaign. To motivate children to do this, free presentations will be given at schools by STCC. The presentations will show the beauty of Curaçao’s nature and the threat that plastic pollution poses to the underwater world. The Make the Turtle Smile campaign aims to mobilize as many people as possible to work for a cleaner Curaçao. For everyone who wants to participate and wants to share it on social media can use the #maketheturtlesmile.

This year’s campaign has an extra dimension; The Litterati Clean Up Challenge. With this we challenge everyone to help make Curaçao cleaner, by cleaning up litter and photographing it via the Litterati app. The aim is to clear up at least 50.000 litter items. The goal of the app is to collect data about the types of plastic litter that is found around the island. This data provides valuable insights about how to best address the litter issues.

For every 25 bottles or cans that are handed in at Green Phenix, the participants will receive a stamp. Each stamp has a value and participants can save stamps and choose their favorite prize. A number of nice prizes have already been made available for the top contributors of Make the Turtle Smile campaign and the Litterati Clean Up Challenge. Keep an eye on the social media of STCC and Green Phenix for more information.

Written by Saitia Comenencia – STCC President