Education & Awareness

Education about sea turtles, their importance for the eco-system and creating awareness about the threats they face, is one of the pillars of our work.


It is our awareness campaign, with the focus to educate children and adults about the threats to sea turtles from plastic pollution. This campaign has been made in partnership with Green Phenix and FBTT Travel. So far, during the course of this campaign we:

  • had an artistic and informational installation in Sambil,
  • conducted presentations for kids in schools,
  • participated in recycling events and educational activities on Curaçao.
Kids involved
People reached
Bottles collected by kids for recycling
Education about sea turtles

Art Installation in Sambil

The purpose of the installation was to create awareness on Curaçao about the plastic pollution on the island and in the world and how this affects sea turtles. Besides the art installation, we hanged informative posters about sea turtles and their life.

The installation was made possible by the hard work of many volunteers and artists. It was showcased in Sambil from May 2019 to March 2020. After taking it down, some parts have been moved to our Visitor Centre in Sambil.

Art installation in Sambil

Informative Presentations


To accomplish our mission of educating people about the importance of the sea turtles and the threats they face, we have presented to over 3,000 children at elementary and high schools and various events. Our education program consisted of interactive presentations about sea turtles, their habitat and the threats to this endangered species with emphasis on the plastic pollution. The last part of the presentation is all about recycling, how you as an individual can change the world and the work of Green Phenix. We took our bike-shredder made for education by Limpi and a 3D printer used by Green Phenix to show interactively the process of upcycling plastic bottles. The 3D printer uses shredded plastic bottles as a source material to make new products. We were able to print products directly during the presentation, to help children understand the process better.

The presentations were held by our intern Eva Ortelee and Mark Busch from Green Phenix.

Contact us, if you would like to have a presentation about sea turtles in your class.

STCC 4 Kids

Together with Klein College we started the ‘STCC 4 Kids’ initiative, the purpose of which is to hold educational activities for children to teach about sea turtles an their lives. Kim Russel and Steven Winters have helped us greatly to make this program possible. Our volunteers together with Ard and Sabine have conducted these educational activities.

Educational Center

STCC Visitor Center at Sambil is made as an educational centre. There we organize various activities for children, as well as hold presentations and movie screenings.

STCC Visitor Center - photo by Gail Johnson