Injured sea turtle

Help Sea Turtles during Unprecedented Crisis

On Curacao, there is an unprecedented sargassum crisis that is heavily affecting our endangered sea turtles. Turtles are getting stranded and overheat as they struggle to reach the surface and breathe. So far, we have made 28 rescues and 8 are at the vet requiring urgent medical attention for tumours, carapace damage, belly wounds and…

Kim, our volunteer

Kim – Volunteer

Hi, my name is Kim. I have been a volunteer since the beginning of STCC. Sabine, the founder of STCC, is a very dear friend of mine, and she inspired me to participate in and fall in love with the world of sea turtles. As a full-time teacher, it is impossible to assist in the…


Solene – STCC Volunteer

I volunteered 3 weeks for STCC in July 2019 and it’s been the experience of a lifetime! I have learned so much about sea turtles, how to preserve them just by being a little more earth-conscious. The team was so nice and eager to give me advice anytime. They gave me the opportunity to work…

Presentation of report by Nicky

Progress report november 2019

The 2019 season is slowly coming to an end. However, we are still seeing nesting activities and the monitoring of the beaches still continues. We check all the beaches 3 times a week. It hasn’t been the best season. So far we registered a little over 30 nests. The turtle rescues are also a regular…