Together, we can ensure a safe future for the sea turtles and our ecosystem

As an NGO, Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao depends greatly on donations for financial support and on volunteers and interns for help with all daily activities, research, education and conservation.

Donations for Individuals and Businesses

We try to keep our costs low, but we need to maintain constant staff, fund the research, cover transportation, equipment, medical and vet expenses, and others. As a non-profit organization, we depend on support from individual donations and sponsors.

You can choose to do monthly donations or s one-time donation. We appreciate any support we can have. All funds go towards the organization of educational, research or conservation activities. When you become a donor, you will be updated regularly on our progress.

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Sponsorships: Adopt a Nest

If you are looking for sponsorship opportunities or would like to donate larger amounts, to create a bigger impact, we advise you to join our Adopt a Nest program.

In the course of this program, you can adopt a sea turtle nest, which provides us with enough funds to support the safety of nests. This includes regular monitoring of beaches where sea turtles are seen most often, covers the clean-up costs, to ensure these beaches are clean and safe for the turtles to nest. In addition, these funds are also used to protect and cure injured adult sea turtles, to make sure that they are healthy to mate and produce healthy baby turtles.

Fill in the contact form on this page to let us know of your interest. We will contact you with more information.

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