Volunteering & Internships

Enjoy the Caribbean sea and life while protecting sea turtles.

Do you love sea turtles? Do you like nature, blue sea, white beaches, fresh coconuts? Do you enjoy spending your time with like-minded people? Then join us in protecting sea turtles and their environment, here on Curaçao! Pur your skills to good use, learn new ones, obtain new experience and share your passion with other like-minded people. We are always looking for more helping hands.

If you cannot travel to Curaçao, you can always use your skills to work together with us, on our mission remotely.

Some of the tasks we’re looking for help with:

  • Helping with the daily tasks at the beaches
  • Helping us with underwater (dive) activities and checks
  • Helping with media (photos/videos)
  • Helping with project management and funding – remote or onsite

  • Helping with research – remote or onsite
  • Helping with education – holding lectures, spreading awareness – remote or onsite
  • Helping with website and social media – remote or onsite
  • Helping with content creation – remote or onsite
STCC Volunteers

Volunteering is fun!

Sea Turtle Nest
Discover sea turtle nests with us
STCC Volunteers
Come with us for monitorings
STCC Volunteers
Join us on clean-ups
STCC Volunteers
Let’s relax together and share our stories

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